Two Postdoc positions are available to study the role of primary cilia in neurodevelopment – University of Calgary

Two postdoctoral fellow positions in the field of Neuroscience are immediately available in the research group of Dr. Jiami Guo, Calgary University, Alberta, Canada. The research team focuses on the function of primary cilia, under-appreciated cellular antenna, in brain development and function and how disrupted cilia contribute to neurological disorders such as intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and glioblastoma.
Interested applicants must have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree in a field related to Neuroscience or Biomedical sciences.

For position 1, previous research experience with neurodevelopment, human/mouse genetics, iPSC, biochemistry, molecular cloning, organoids, single-cell RNAseq, next-generation RNAseq will be considered a plus;

For position 2, 2-photon live imaging, in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, optogenetic/chemogenetic neural circuit manipulations, rodent behavioral assays, neural surgeries and viral delivery of genes will be considered a strong plus. This position will be co-supervised by another PI who is a leading expert in these techniques.

Successful applicants will be highly motivated and energetic individuals with good communication skills, interest and experience in neuroscience/cell biology /developmental biology /genetics, and will have a proven publication record and the ability to work independently.

The research group of Dr. Jiami Guo is part of the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy. Dr. Guo is a New York Stem Cell Foundation Robertson Investigator, a member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute and Hotchkiss Brain Institute. These institutes provide an international, dynamic and collaborative research environment and stimulate innovative basic and biomedical research.

To apply, please send a cover letter describing research background and interests, plus Curriculum Vitae with a complete list of all your journal publications and the contact information of 3 professional references to Dr. Jiami Guo (email: