CAN Trainee advocacy & outreach awards

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience is proud to announce the launch of a sponsorship program competition for neuroscience outreach and advocacy activities in Canada. These sponsorships aim to support the important work trainees do to promote and showcase neuroscience research and education to the public and or to government.

Sponsorships will consist of a financial contribution of up to $1000 CAD to support a specific event/activity, a letter of recognition from the CAN advocacy committee, and a feature article about the event on the CAN website and social media accounts. The event/activity does not have to be in-person, but can be virtual, through social media, etc. The requests for the funds should be clearly justified. Select winners may also be invited to present their work at the annual CAN meeting.

If applicable, CAN should be acknowledged as a sponsor / supporter of the activity.

To apply, please provide fill in the following form

Applications will be accepted at all times and reviewed every three months (March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1) and awards will be given based on adherence to award criteria and be contingent on budget availability.

Application for Advocacy funds
Please indicate, in general terms, how the funds will be used (no detailed budget required)
Please describe the target audience of your event or activity, including expected number of persons reached. Explain how this event will reach out to new people.
Describe the main objective of this event or activity.
Who are the main organizers of the event or activity?
Explain how this event/activity features new and exciting canadian neuroscience research that has / will have impact
In order to truly promote scientific excellence, your event or activity must feature a diverse and inclusive roster of speakers/participants. Explain how you will ensure principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are considered.
File Upload

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Please upload a letter of support or reference from a CAN member to support your application. Additional documents can be uploaded here to support your application, including letters of support or recognition from partners/institutions.