Learning mechanisms of pain – PhD or post-doctoral position, Martin lab, University of Toronto

The ability to predict pain or other unpleasant events by learning from prior experience is an important adaptive behavior in healthy organisms and can cause disabling fear and avoidance in patients with chronic pain. While there is no single ‘pain processing area of the brain’, our recent efforts have focused on the role of the […]

Exploring inhibitory neuron-secreted chemokines as a novel remyelination therapy – Post-doc or student position, Voronova lab, U Alberta

Neural precursor cells in adult mammalian brain, such as subventricular zone (SVZ) neural stem cells and oligodendrocyte precursors in brain parenchyma, form oligodendrocytes throughout life. The purpose of oligodendrocytes is to produce myelin, an insulating material that performs vital functions in efficient neural information transmission and constitutes the brain white matter. Demyelinating disorders occur when […]

Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Positions in Cellular Neuroscience – Bowie lab, McGill University

Two CIHR-funded positions are available immediately for enthusiastic graduate students/postdoctoral fellows with a keen interest in using electrophysiology and imaging techniques to study ligand-gated ion-channels and their role in neuronal circuit behavior. The first project will focus on an ongoing theme to understand the structure-function properties of ionotropic glutamate receptors. The successful applicant will use […]

Study the Basic Mechanisms of Multiple Sclerosis: Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Fellow Positions Available (University of Saskatchewan)

Join a dynamic, world-class, generously funded basic and translation science team. Located in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in the Saskatoon City Hospital, basic scientists are able to work hand-in-hand with clinicians from the Saskatoon MS Clinic (also located in Saskatoon City Hospital). Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow positions in the Office of the Saskatchewan MS Clinical […]

TWO Graduate student positions in Neural Stem Cell Biology & Neural Stem Cell Regeneration – LINDSEY LAB – University of Manitoba

Graduate student position in Neural Stem Cell Regeneration The Lindsey Lab is looking for a highly motivated student to fill an open funded graduate student position for September 2019. The focus of the project will be on the cellular and molecular regulation of neural stem cells during the regenerative process following CNS injury in the […]

PhD position at Université Laval: Unveiling the role of protein aggregation in Parkinson’s disease and neurodegenerative disorders

A PhD position in Neuroscience/neurophotonics is available at the Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval (https://www.ulaval.ca/) in Quebec City, Canada (https://www.ville.quebec.qc.ca/en/). The selected candidate will work on a collaborative project involving the laboratory of Dr. Abid Oueslati (https://abidlncf.wixsite.com/oueslati-laboratory) and the laboratory of Dr. Armen Saghatelyan (https://www.saghatelyanlab.com/research). This project aims to understand the role of protein aggregation, […]

Positions available-Neurobiology of Pain– Kerr laboratory, University of Alberta

The Kerr laboratory at the University of Alberta is recruiting for graduate students (MSc or PhD) to study the role of the peripheral nervous system in central neuropathic pain states with an emphasis on animal models of MS. We are looking for candidates with an interest in behavioural neuroscience but with some background in cell […]

Grad student with Dr. Jason Plemel: understanding regeneration associated microglia – University of Alberta

A grad student position is available in the lab of Dr. Jason Plemel. The lab is focused on understanding how one cell, microglia, can be both important in promoting regeneration, but also a contributor to neurodegenerative conditions. The Plemel lab uses tools like transgenic mice, in vivo models of white matter injury, flow cytometry, cell […]

PhDs in Neuroscience/Neuropharmacology – CIHR funded (5 years) Fernyhough Albensi labs, University of Manitoba

DIVISION OF NEURODEGENERATIVE DISORDERS ST. BONIFACE HOSPITAL ALBRECHTSEN RESEARCH CENTRE University of Manitoba PhDs in Neuroscience/Neuropharmacology – CIHR funded (5 years) The St Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre offers a vibrant and interactive research environment for graduate studies in the molecular cell biology of neurodegenerative diseases. Three PhD positions are available in the Pharmacology Graduate […]

Graduate student position in Pericyte Biology- Stobart Lab- University of Manitoba

Neuronal energy demand during synaptic activity is met by increasing local blood flow, a process which is known as functional hyperemia or neurovascular coupling.  Though extensively studied in recent years, the cellular mechanisms controlling functional hyperemia remain unclear.  Majority of the field has focused on interactions between neurons, astrocytes and arterioles, but new evidence suggests […]