CAN Outreach & Advocacy Awards

Since 2016, the Canadian Association for Neuroscience has been awarded CAN Outreach & Advocacy Awards to individuals and groups who have made exceptional contributions to the promotion of neuroscience research in Canada.

This award honours the best neuroscience outreach and advocacy initiatives in Canada.  It consists of a $1000 prize and the opportunity to present your advocacy work at the CAN meeting.

Applications can be sent to

Program update – 2021

The CAN outreach & advocacy awards program has been expanded to fund more neuroscience outreach and advocacy activities in Canada every year. These sponsorships aim to support the important work trainees do to promote and showcase neuroscience research and education to a wide audience.

Sponsorships will consist of a financial contribution of up to $1000 CAD to support a specific event/activity, a letter of recognition from the CAN advocacy committee, and a feature article about the event on the CAN website and social media accounts. The event/activity does not have to be in-person, but can be virtual, through social media, etc. The requests for the funds should be clearly justified.

If applicable, CAN should be acknowledged as a sponsor / supporter of the activity.

To apply, please visit:

Applications will be accepted at all times and reviewed every three months (March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1) and awards will be given based on adherence to award criteria and be contingent on budget availability.

The objective of the CAN outreach and advocacy awards is to engage the public and politicians to increase the visibility of neuroscience research outside of the traditional scientific circles.

CAN Advocacy and Outreach Awards winners

ThinkSci Outreach Program wins a CAN Advocacy Award

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CAN Outreach & Advocacy Award: The Peaceful Brain

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CAN Advocacy award: Montreal Neurological Institute Open Outreach Program

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Previous advocacy award winners

Learn about our 2020 winners: Cristian Zaelzer and the Convergence Initiative win a 2020 CAN Neuroscience Outreach & Advocacy Award September 15, 2020: CAN-ACN has revoked the 2020 Advocacy award […]