CAN Outreach & Advocacy Award: The Peaceful Brain

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience is pleased to support the  “The Peaceful Brain, a celebration against hate, discrimination, and prejudice” series of events organized by the Convergence initiative. These events has also leveraged support from Heritage Canada, Brain Canada, the McGill University Health Centre Research Institute, Native Immigrant, Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse.

The Convergence Initiative is an independent Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of neuroscience and art and the Canadian Association for Neuroscience has been a long-time supporter of this initiative that promotes cross-talk between artists, neuroscientists and the public to further our understanding of how our brain works. Convergence has always favored the approach of two-way engagement, which promotes knowledge sharing between presenters and the public, and not simply one-way teaching.

The four events proposed in the current proposal aim to address a very important issue: How to combat hate, discrimination and prejudice. The approach used is to try to expose some of the unconscious biases and ideas that each of us carry, to understand how they happen in our brains, and more importantly, how we can overcome these.

By bringing together scientists, artists, and people from different cultural and social backgrounds, these events will lead to a better understanding of what happens in our brains when we interact with people that come from different backgrounds, who have different faiths and ways to view the world, with the objective of increasing our acceptance of these differences.

We are happy to provide our support for the Convergence initiative once again.

Visit the event webpage for full details: