CAN video research features – Call for applications

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience wants to highlight the important neuroscience discoveries made in Canada, and proposes a new platform to publicize and promote research that has not necessarily been featured by press release. We aim to make this accessible and easy to do, from your home, office or lab. The research features will be featured on the website and on our social media accounts (twitter, facebook, Instagram and linkedin).

Participation criteria

  • Participant should be a trainee (student or post-doctoral fellow) working in a laboratory in Canada or a Canadian working abroad.
  • Trainee or PI must be currently members of CAN
  • Participant should have recently published a peer-reviewed paper of interest to the Canadian neuroscience community.
  • The participant should be willing to share a video about their discovery on CAN’s public channels (website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

Information about video production

Participants will record a short video about their research discovery, from a published scientific paper, via zoom

The format of the video will be the following:

Video length should be short, 3- 5 minutes

  • Part 1: Presentation of speaker
    30-60 sec: Intro, including name, trainee level (MSc, PhD, post-doc), affiliation, laboratory, and other info (where you are from, your training – )
  • Part 2: Describe discovery
    2-4 minutes What is the question you wanted to address, describe your research
  • Part 3: Show significance
    Last 1-2 minutes: explain the significance of your discovery

The video format is open, however, we recommend

  • Use zoom to record your presentation.
  • Use of a neutral, non-distracting background.
  • Audio quality be high – the use of a high-quality microphone is encouraged.
  • Use of few, high resolution and simple slides (if needed) to support the presentation.
  • Please use active speaker view, so that you appear in the top right corner of the recording ( learn more about recording layouts here:

Proposal videos must be approved by the trainee’s supervisor and will be reviewed by CAN. 

Submit proposal

Please fill in the following form.  We will submit your application to our review committee.

Trainee spotlight registration
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Either the trainee or the supervisor must be a current member of CAN (yearly dues paid)
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My supervisor is a CAN member
Either the trainee or the supervisor must be a current member of CAN (yearly dues paid)
Reference and link (if available) to published research you would like featured.
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