About the Canadian Association for Neuroscience – CAN

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN) is the largest association of neuroscientists in Canada. Our members are dedicated to advancing brain research. Our association is composed of over one thousand researchers, who work at academic institutions across the country. We share the common goal of ensuring neuroscience remains one of the greatest research and innovation strengths of Canada.


The purpose of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience shall be:

  1. To promote communication among neuroscientists throughout Canada.
  2. To represent the interests of Canadian neuroscientists at national and international levels.
  3. To promote research in all disciplines contributing to the understanding of the nervous system.
  4. To contribute to the advancement of education in the Neurosciences.
  5. To provide for and assist in the dissemination to the general public of the results of current Neuroscience research and its significance in relation to health and disease.
  6. To raise funds and to provide income for the above purposes.

(CAN-ACN By-laws, Article 6)

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