Postdoctoral position on neurobiology of motor recovery – Université de Montréal, Dancause laboratory

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Numa Dancause at the University of Montréal in the Dept. of Neurosciences. The lab studies questions related to the mechanisms involved in the control of movement, the plasticity supporting motor recovery after brain injury and the impact of neuromodulatory approaches, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), on the brain. To do so, we use rodent and non-human primate models. Projects can also take advantage of ongoing collaborations with laboratories working with humans.

Candidates must be highly motivated scientists, with a competitive CV for national and provincial salary award competitions. Prior experience with non-human primates and neural recordings in awake animals are desirable. Backgrounds in neurosciences, engineering, mathematics and/or physics and strong neurocomputational skills are welcome. For more information about the lab, you can also go to Montréal is an affordable city, with dynamic art and food scene and a rich cultural diversity.

If you are interested, please email Dr. Dancause ( directly to explain your motivation and include a CV and contacts.