2021-10-20 The Brain Conference: RNA Mechanisms and Brain Disease

Organised by FENS in collaboration with Lundbeck Foundation, awarder of The Brain Prize, these bi-annual conferences bring together outstanding researchers in key areas of contemporary neuroscience to discuss current concepts and define challenges for future research.

The morphology and complexity of neurons provides unique challenges for the maintenance and modification of the neuronal transcriptome and proteome in the cell body and at synapses. In this international meeting, we will explore how neurons regulate RNA molecules and protein synthesis and how these mechanisms represent vulnerabilities for various neurological diseases. Continue reading

2021-05-20 3rd Annual International Touchscreen Symposium

The 3rd Annual International Touchscreen Symposium will be held virtually over two half days on May 20-21, 2021, featuring leaders in the field of developing touchscreen cognitive testing.

This year, the Symposium will feature talks, data blitz, a technical forum session facilitated by topic experts, and more.

Please click here for the full schedule of events, abstracts, and registration. Abstract deadline is April 15th. Registration is free.

2021-05-18 2021 Promoting Healthy Brain Aging and Preventing Dementia Symposium by Campus Alberta Neuroscience

Join Campus Alberta Neuroscience virtually for the Third International Symposium for “Promoting Healthy Brain Aging and Preventing Dementia” on May 18-19, 2021.

Campus Alberta Neuroscience is proud to host the Third International Dementia Symposium that will bring together experts from Alberta, Canada, and around the world to share knowledge and contribute to the ongoing discussions on the research and translational tools required to improve the prevention, detection, intervention and management of dementia.

Deadline to register for the Symposium is May 16 at 11:59 pm MDT (edited).