The pain puzzle: Uncovering how morphine increases pain in some people

Yves De Koninck
Dr. Yves De Koninck

Researchers discover new pathway to reduce paradoxical pain

Quebec City & Toronto, January 6, 2013—For individuals with agonizing pain, it is a cruel blow when the gold-standard medication actually causes more pain. Adults and children whose pain gets worse when treated with morphine may be closer to a solution, based on research published in the January 6 on-line edition of Nature Neuroscience.
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Attack! Silent watchmen charge to defend the nervous system

Dr. Stephano Stifani
Dr. Stephano Stifani

In many pathologies of the nervous system, there is a common event – cells called microglia are activated from surveillant watchmen into fighters. Microglia are the immune cells of the nervous system, ingesting and destroying pathogens and damaged nerve cells. Until now little was known about the molecular mechanisms of microglia activation despite this being a critical process in the body. Continue reading