Postdoctoral Fellow in Focused Ultrasound (FUS) Neuromodulation Imaging/Electrophysiology and Modeling – University of Calgary

A motivated Postdoctoral Fellow is sought to join a unique multidisciplinary team of imaging and ultrasound engineers (Bruce Pike, Sam Pichardo, Kartik Murari) and neuroscientists (Zelma Kiss, Darren Clark, Patrick Whelan, Andrea Protzner). The project is NSERC-funded and involves focused ultrasound (FUS) neuromodulation imaging/electrophysiology and modeling. Focused ultrasound is emerging as an important neuromodulatory tool, allowing for non-invasive or minimally invasive alteration of brain network function. The mechanisms of FUS action are not well-understood. The candidate would use in vitro and in vivo animal models to interrogate how FUS alters neural function, with access to cutting edge equipment from InSightec, BrainSonics, as well as custom-built focused ultrasound systems and software. The post-doc will present at local and international conferences (e.g. International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound will be in neighbouring Banff in 2025), have opportunities for teaching or industry relationships, and expand the project into new directions. Taking ownership of the work will allow them to apply for their own fellowship funding from local and national/international organizations, with the support of their network of mentors.

  • Responsibilities include participating in planning and intellectual development of projects, taking leadership roles in experiments, papers, presentations, applications, and mentoring graduate and undergrad students.
    Candidate Requirements:
  • Must have a PhD with a strong background in electrophysiology, modellingand/or intravital imaging.
  • Be within 5 years of PhD completion and have a publication record in respected scientific journals.

Benefits and Training Environment:

  • A competitive salary and benefits will be provided through the University of Calgary post-doctoral training stream, including health spending account.
  • Contracts are offered yearly with potential for longer-term training due to the project’s 5-year duration.
  • The training environment within the Hotchkiss Brain Institute offers access to state-of-the-art translational research facilities, a weekly seminar series, and clinical rounds featuring leading international neuroscientists.

Contact information Please send CV and contact information for 3 references to Drs. Zelma Kiss and Bruce Pike at or

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