Postdoc position in the Neural Dynamics of Emotional Memory lab – University of Toronto

The Neural Dynamics of Emotional Memory lab at the University of Toronto Scarborough is recruiting postdocs. We are a systems neuroscience lab that uses in vivo electrophysiology, fiber photometry, miniscope imaging, and optogenetic manipulations during innovative behavioural tasks to investigate the neural dynamics of emotional memory. We are particularly interested in how the threat-level of a context alters prefrontal and hippocampal representations to modulate fear and anxiety behaviours.

We are looking for candidates that are interested in how environmental and experiential factors alter neural representations to direct emotional behaviour. Research experience with rodents is required. Experience with in vivo recording methods and data analysis are highly encouraged.

Please send your CV and cover letter describing why you are interested in joining our team to For details visit Salary is commensurate with experience and start date is flexible.

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