Krembil Brain Institute Scientist Carmela Tartaglia is finding ways to diagnose Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy before its too late

Brain MRI for diagnosis

Doctor check up x-ray film of the brain by mri or ct scan brain at patient room hospital. medical concept.

Traumatic brain injuries are considered to be an invisible condition. We can’t often see the effects and 50% of patients experience personality change, irritability, anxiety, and depression after concussion. Repeat traumatic brain injuries may increase your risk for a condition called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Dr. Carmela Tartaglia’s research looks to identify diagnostic tools to predict if an individual could develop CTE after sustaining repeat head injuries. Dr. Tartaglia’s team is looking at implementing tools that target a protein called Tau, which is known to be elevated in CTE. In combination with other tests and screening methods, the hope is to be able to predict the progression of CTE, while implementing therapeutic strategies early on in the disease.

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Dr. Carmela Tartaglia and pioneering a diagnosis for CTE

Source: University Health Network