Call for applications – Canadian neuroadvocates for the 2022 CAN Parliament Hill Week

We are excited to launch the application period for Canadian neuroadvocates for the next CAN Parliament Hill Week, which will take place in March 2022, as a virtual event. We are looking for a representative and diverse group of neuroscientists to meet with members of Parliament, Senators and Parliament Hill staff to highlight the importance of basic research in Canada, and the need to support it better.

Neuroscientists recruited for this event will be invited to participate in one to four meetings, in groups of four our five, to talk about their research and the importance of federal funding to support it. We aim to match neuroadvocates with representatives from their riding and/or with interest in their research topic, as much as possible. Meetings typically last 30 to 45 minutes. A training session will be held in advance of the meeting.

The application period is open until February 28, 2022.

Please share this opportunity widely with scientists who could be interested in participating in this event.

Hill Day participant application
Career level / Niveau de carrière
Gender / Genre
I speak | Je parle
Conversational level, to participate in a meeting in this language. Niveau permettant d'avoir des conversations, et de participer à une rencontre dans cette langue.
Did you participate in CAN's previous week on the hill in November 2020?
Availability - Week of March 21, 2022, Monday-Friday (prefered time slots) | Disponibilité, semaine du 21 mars, 2022- Lundi au vendredi, période préférée
Some time slots will have less meetings scheduled, such as after 6PM | Notez que certaines périodes seront moins fréquentes, notamment en soirée.