CAN Parliament Hill Day – March 31st, 2020 – Call for participants

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience is planning a day on Parliament Hill to advocate for increased federal funding for scientific research, through increased investments in the three main granting councils of Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience wants to bring a diverse group of neuroscientists to Parliament Hill to share their stories with Members of Parliament, Senators and Parliament Hill staff members.  Continue reading

Science was not an Election 2019 issue – but it should be a priority for the next Government

By Tarik Möröy and Katalin Tóth — published in National Newswatch — Oct 25 2019

During Election 2019, the issue of poorly funded scientific research in Canada was not addressed by the major Parties and their leaders. Now, scientists across the country are concerned that they will not have the needed Federal support to make groundbreaking discoveries that move Canada and the world forward.

Investing in scientific research isn’t just important for scientists, it impacts the daily lives of all Canadians. From innovative treatments to cure diseases that affect millions of Canadians, to new technologies that can help us address the global climate crisis, scientific research is essential to confronting the issues that we face today and that our children will meet in the future. These investments are not simply expenses; they contribute significantly to the prosperity of our country, which gains from the work of highly-trained scientists, and the knowledge they generate, to drive today’s innovation-based economy. Continue reading

Science should be an election issue – read our Op-Ed in Le Devoir

Read an Op-Ed signed by the Presidents of CAN, Katalin Toth, and of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences, Tarik Moroy, this morning in Le Devoir.  Scientific research is important for all Canadians – it is how Canada can face the issues and challenges we face today. Political leaders should commit to supporting science today.
Read our op-ed here (in French):

The Liberal Party answers CAN’s questions about science support

We have received a response from the Liberal Party of Canada to our five questions about science support.

  1. Is your Party committed to fully implementing the report of the Fundamental Science Review (Naylor report) with additional financial investment into open competitions to maintain Canada as a forefront leader in research innovation and research discoveries?

Our Liberal government believes in evidence-based policy and in science and in the Canadians behind the next big ideas. After a decade of setbacks and cuts to science under the Harper Conservatives, our government is rebuilding Canadian research and supporting our country’s greatest minds.  We unmuzzled our scientists, brought back the long-form census, and re-instated the position of the Chief Science Advisor. Continue reading

Green party responds to our questions for candidates in advance of the federal election

Last July, CAN sent five questions to the Liberal, Conservative, NPD and Green party in advance of the upcoming federal elections, which we have summarized below.  Read our full questions, with context, here. 

The Green Party of Canada responded first. The questions were submitted to Mrs. Amita Kuttner, Shadow Minister of Science and Innovation for the Green Party of Canada – her response is copied here: Continue reading

Invitation to join the #VoteScience Campaign

CAN is proud to support the #VoteScience campaign, and invites all scientists to participate!

Vote science logo


Advocating for Science in the Canadian Federal Election
Science doesn’t usually get a lot of attention during elections, and we think that needs to change. We need your help to send a message that Canadians care about science.

Learn how to get involved on the website

Advocacy Training: Be an effective advocate for science: Be involved & Tell your story

SfN and CAN join forces to bring you advocacy training that explains:

  • Why advocacy matters
  • How you can make an impact
  • How informing lawmakers can advance neuroscience priorities
  • How the Canadian budget process works
  • How SfN and CAN can be your resource
  • How to plan a #neuroadvocate activity


Michael Heintz, Director of Advocacy & Training at Society for Neuroscience

Melanie Woodin, Chair of the CAN advocacy committee

Julie Poupart, CAN Advocacy Officer

(you are free to use / reuse this content – please acknowledge the Society for Neuroscience and the Canadian Association for Neuroscience if you do).

Other CAN-ACN Resources

Meeting your MP

Getting ready for budget 2019

Why advocate?

2018 Advocacy archives

CAN participation in the advocacy reception at SfN18

Jaideep Bains at the SfN advocacy reception
Jaideep Bains at the SfN advocacy reception

CAN President Jaideep Bains was invited to present CAN Advocacy efforts at the advocacy reception at SfN18 in San Diego, California.

CAN advocacy officer Julie Poupart presented a poster on Neuroscience advocacy strategies in Canada. View the poster here:

Opportunities to participate in #yourbudget2019 consultations of the the FINA committee of the House of Commons.

The permanent committee on Finances of the House of Commons of Canada have announced dates of the in-person consultations in advance of Budget 2019.

These are great opportunities to highlight the importance of increased funding for health research in Canada, and supporting the next generation of scientists.

The first is in Ottawa, Sept 26th at 6:45. Details here.

Other dates include

  • 1 October: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • 2 October: Saint John, New Brunswick
  • 3 October: Québec City, Quebec
  • 4 October: Oshawa, Ontario
  • 5 October: Toronto, Ontario
  • 15 October: Whitehorse, Yukon
  • 16 October: Victoria, British Columbia
  • 17 October: Edmonton, Alberta
  • 18 October: Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Exact locations and hours are posted on the FINA committee website a few days in advance.

2018-08-03: Read CAN-ACN’s submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance for the consultations in advance of budget 2019, calling for increased investment in the three main granting councils of Canada and in the next generation of Canadian scientists.

SfN feature on CAN advocacy

Read an article in SfN’s Neuroscience Quarterly on CAN’s advocacy efforts:

Science Policy Session at CAN2018 in Vancouver

Response to budget 2018

Read our response to budget 2018 here:

Read our letter to Ministers Duncan, Morneau and Trudeau here:

Read our thank you letter to our members:

Thank you to CAN members and colleagues