Show your support for Air France, committed to supporting scientific research

October 15th, 2013 – The Canadian Association for Neuroscience supports the stance of Air France, who published a statement indicating its commitment to transporting animals used in biomedical research. Their statement can be viewed here: We urge our members and neuroscientists everywhere to encourage Air France to maintain this pro-research policy, despite attacks it faces from groups opposed to animal research, notably in Germany.

With our colleagues from the Society for Neuroscience, we invite you to write to Mr. Christian Herzog, Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Air France-KLM to commend him on his stance and to thank him for his support of vital research, essential for the discovery and development of new medical treatments.

We have written a sample letter, and we invite you to copy, personalize and send it to the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Air France-KLM, Mr. Christian Herzog, directly at Please bcc Make sure to sign your full name, title, and address. To personalize the letter, consider adding whether you are a member of Air France’s rewards club, a frequent flyer or any element of your work that could be relevant to this issue.

Sample letter:

Dear Mr. Christian Herzog,

Air France’s commitment to supporting biomedical research is to be commended. Your statement affirming your continued commitment to transporting live animals used for research is very important to neuroscientists such as myself. Animal models are used today to advance our understanding of many neurological diseases that affect large numbers of individuals and for which cures are actively being pursued. I wish to thank you for your company’s vision and understanding of the vital importance of this research, despite misinformation spread by “animal rights” extremists, who aim to stop research animal transport.

Highly vocal animal rights extremists are attempting to halt all research which involves animal models, and to sway public opinion in their direction. These people represent a very small number of individuals, much less than the millions who are dependent on the discoveries brought about by humane, well-regulated animal research – not to mention the tens of thousands of scientists who rely on air travel to attend scientific conferences and to conduct their research.

Neuroscientists today adhere to strict animal care guidelines, and animal research is highly regulated. Studies using animal models follow strict ethical guidelines. Airline transportation, provided by companies such as yours, ensures that laboratory animals are available for lifesaving biomedical research in universities, hospitals and research centers around the globe.

I again want to thank you for your support and commitment to scientific research through shipment of live animals for research.

Yours truly,

Full name

Title, affiliation


Download this letter in txt format here: letter for Air France VP