Karel Svoboda – May 26 Plenary Lecturer

Karel Svoboda

Group Leader, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Research overview

Over the last ten years the Svoboda lab has investigated the structure, function and plasticity of cortical circuits in behaving mice, mainly in the context of active tactile sensation. Current areas of investigation include:

i) the neural code underlying active tactile sensation at the level of defined cell types and individual spikes;

ii) the cortical mechanisms of motor planning and movement execution based on tactile evidence;

iii) development of new optical, molecular, and behavioral methods for circuit neuroscience.

Brief Biography

Dr. Karel Svoboda received a PhD in Biophysics from Harvard University (1994), where he measured the molecular scale movements and forces of individual kinesin molecules. He performed his postdoctoral work at Bell Laboratories, where he focused on synaptic and dendritic function in the cortex probed with new optical methods (1994-1997). From 1997 until 2006 he was a Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and, since 2000, an HHMI Investigator. At CSHL the Svoboda lab developed and exploited methods to track synaptic transmission and plasticity of individual connections in the intact brain. In 2006 the Svoboda lab moved to the newly established HHMI Janelia Research Campus, where Svoboda is a Group Leader.

Distinctions and Awards

1998-2002 Pew Scholars Award

1998-2001 Whitaker Foundation Award

1998-2001 Klingenstein Award

1999 Science Magazine, Runner-up, Breakthrough of the Year

1999-2002  Mathers Foundation Award

2000-     Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Investigator

2002-2003  McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award

2003       Eppendorf Science Prize for Neurobiology, Runner-Up

2004       Popular Science Brilliant 10

2004       Society for Neuroscience, AstraZeneca Young Investigator Award

2007       Docteur Honoris Causa, Universite de Lausanne

2008       Gill Junior Investigator Award (Indiana University)

2013       Foreign Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2014       Larry Katz Prize, Duke University

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