University of Toronto Physiology Department CAN satellite – May 28-29

University of Toronto Physiology Department is staging an exciting scientific symposium to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CAN meeting on May 28 (1-5 PM) & 29 (9AM-1PM), 2016 in the McLeod Auditorium and Stone Lobby of the Medical Science Building on campus.

This symposium will bring together outstanding faculty and trainees associated with the Dept currently or in the past to highlight glorious accomplishments in the past 25 years and prospective outlooks of the future;  to honor several senior neuroscientists who have made tremendous contributions to the field and commemorate the late John F MacDonald and Hubert van Tol; and most importantly, to discuss emerging horizons of new areas, ranging from fundamental mechanisms of synaptic transmission, plasticity and behavior to stem cells therapy and translational medicine to treat stroke, pain and other neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Co-organizers: Lu-Yang Wang, Graham Collingridge & Mike Salter

Day 1 (May 28):

1:00-1:15: Opening remarks (Lu-Yang Wang, UofT & SickKids)
1:15-1:40: Keynote: Graham Collingridge (UofT & LTRI-MSH): Toronto Synaptologists – long-term pioneers (LTP) in Canadian Neuroscience.

Session I. Neurogenesis & synaptic transmission (Chairs: Harold Atwood & Gabrielle Boulianne)
1:40-2:05: Jason Snyder (UBC): Finding functions of adult neurogenesis;
2:05-2:30: Bryan Stewart (UTM): Interplay between synaptic development and physiology;
2:30-2:55: Jeff Dason (UofT): Presynaptic, postsynaptic and glial roles of cGMP-dependent protein kinase in synaptic function;
2:55-3:20: Lu-Yang Wang (UofT & SickKids):  Underpinnings of synaptic heterogeneity at a central synapse;

Refreshment Break 3:20-3:40

Session II. Synaptic plasticity in neurological disorders and diseases (Chair: David Hampson);
3:40-4:05: Peter Carlen (UofT&TWRI): Potassium redistribution and seizure in the brain;
4:05-4:30: William Hutchinson (UofT&TWRI): Synaptic plasticity in patients with movement disorders;
4:30-4:55: Bev Orser (UofT): Mechanisms and treatment for perioperative cognitive deficits;

5:00-6:30: UofT Physiology Stone Lobby Reception

Day 2 (May 29):

9:00-9:10: Opening Remarks: Mike Salter (UofT & SickKids)

Session III. From stem cells and genes to synaptic plasticity and behaviors (Chairs: William Trimble & Peter Pennefather)
9:10-9:35: Freda Miller (UofT&SickKids): Maternal diabetes: short- and long-term consequences for neural precursor cells in offspring;
9:35-10:00: Zhengping Jia (UofT&SickKids): Genetic manipulations of the synapse;
10:00-10:25: Yu-Tian Wang (UBC): AMPA receptor trafficking in synaptic plasticity, learning and memory;
10:25-10:50: Sheena Josselyn (UofT&SickKids): Making and breaking memories;

10:50-11:10 Refreshment Break

Session IV.  Interfacing fundamental science with innovative molecular medicine (Chairs: Milton Charlton & Jonathan Dostrovsky)
11:10-11:35: Richard Robitaille (UMontreal); Decoding the Functional State of the Neuromuscular Junction by Glial Cells in Health and Disease;
11:35-12:00: Mike Tymianski (UofT&TWRI), From molecular target discovery to Phase 3 clinical trials – It’s not all science, but it can’t happen without it;
12:00-12:25: Min Zhuo (UofT); Cingulate mechanisms for chronic pain and anxiety;
12:25-12:50: Mike Salter (UofT&SickKids); From Receptors to Pain: The Molecular Dynamics of Pain;

12:50-1:00: Conclusion Remarks: Graham Collingridge

We sincerely invite CAN delegates to join us for a science party in Toronto just one day before the CAN meeting officially starts.

Registration is available through the CAN registration webpage . Registration fee is $25 if combined with CAN meeting registration or $50 for those wishing to register for the satellite only.

If you wish to register for the satellite only, please use the following link:
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If you wish to register for both the CAN meeting and the satellite, please use this link:
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