Preliminary list of confirmed exhibitors for 2015

ALZET Osmotic Pumps/DURECT Corp
Animal Care Systems
Blackrock Microsystems
Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Instituts de recherche en Santé du Canada
Clever Sys Inc.
Fine Science Tools
HEKA Electronics Inc.
Huron Digital Pathology
Integrated DNA Technologies
Lafayette-Campden Neuroscience
Leica Microsystems Canada Inc.
Noldus Information Technology
Olympus Canada Inc
Parkinson Society of Canada – Société Parkinson Canada
Precision NanoSystems Inc.
Scientifica Ltd
Society for Neuroscience
Source BioScience
STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.
Stoelting Co.
StressMarq Biosciences Inc.
Ted Pella, Inc.
TMS International
Tucker-Davis Technologies


Would you be interested in supporting us by becoming a sponsor or an exhibitor? Please send an email to Caitlin Mooney, or reach her by phone at (250) 472-7644 for more information about our meeting and the opportunities available to you.

Why sponsor?

Connect with leading and emerging researchers

You will gain exposure, build relationships, develop partnerships and connect with representatives actively involved in Neuroscience research from across Canada and around the world.

Premium branding & positioning opportunity

You will reach your target audience and be recognized as a supporter of the conference and its aims. Set your product, service and brand apart from your competitors – guaranteed visibility on printed materials, advertising, and promotions.

Face time with leading scientists

You will have the opportunity to connect with over 600 investigators, researchers, scientists and students actively involved in Neuroscience research and will have an opportunity to build relationships and form valuable partnerships. Conference registration, marketing opportunities, exhibit booths and networking are among the many benefits associated with sponsoring this conference.

How to become a sponsor?

To become a sponsor or exhibitor, please review the information within the below CAN 2015 Sponsor/exhibitor package. Should you wish to discuss sponsor and/or exhibit opportunities, please contact our Secretariat.

CAN 2015 Sponsor/exhibitor package

Why should your company exhibit at the 9th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting?

The 9th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting will provide unique opportunities for Exhibitors to promote their products, services and publications to leading neuroscientists and neuroscience research laboratories from across Canada.

  • Maintain market presence
  • Establish new customer leads
  • Demonstrate products/services to a diverse science research base
  • Gain recognition among Canada’s largest gathering of neuroscientists


Who should exhibit at the 8th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting?

  • Laboratory equipment suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Publishers of education materials (journals, scientific, medical and electronic media)
  • Biotech companies looking to recruit talent to further the discovery process and bring much needed treatments for neurological disorders
  • Neurological disease organizations, industry and government organizations

Exhibit rates

  • 8 x 10 booth:               $3000
  • 6ft Table top display:  $1900 (please note: Pop-up stands/banners cannot be placed on either side of the table to extend the display front – items may be placed on or behind the table top only)



What’s Included: 8 x 10 booth

8′ x 10′ booth spaces to include the following:

  • 8′ high drapery back wall – blue
  • 3′ high drapery sidewalls – blue
  • 1 – 6′ x 2′ skirted table – blue
  • 2 – chairs
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

(electrical outlet is not included, you can order power with this form )


What’s included: Table Top Display

  • 1 – 6′ x 2′ skirted table – blue
  • 1 – chair
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

(electrical outlet is not included, you can order power with this form )


Information for confirmed 2015 Exhibitors:

If you have registered for a booth or table top, please click on the various links below for information on furniture hire, shipments and material handling, as well as the electrical order form.  The official CAN-ACN show services provider is Levy Show services.

Please note that shipments to the Levy warehouse will be accepted from April 22 – May 20 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact us