Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is composed of at least 5 members and chaired by the Past-President of the Association. The Nominations Committee reviews all nominations for membership in the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and prepares a slate of candidates for election if more than one suitable candidate is presented.

The Nominations Committee also reviews all applications for the Young Investigator Award and selects the awardee.

Chair of the Nominations Committee:

Freda Miller, Past-president of CAN (SickKids Hospital)

Doug Munoz, Past-President of CAN (Presiding the 2018 Young Investigator review)

Committee members:

Sheena Josselyn (SickKids Hospital)

Doug Munoz (Queen’s University)

David Park (University of Ottawa)

Catharine Rankin (University of British Columbia)

Richard Robitaille (Université de Montréal)

Voon Wee Yong (Hotchkiss Brain Institute)

Ad-hoc member (non-voting): Ed Ruthazer, CAN Secretary (McGill University)