Careers Networking Event

Wondered what career opportunities await you after your PhD or post-doc? Interested in exploring different career paths?

Come to the Careers Networking Event at the CAN Student Social!

Sign-up on location- First-come first-serve, so make sure to show up early!

Thursday May 23 7:30-9:30 pm

The Pint, 277 Front Street West, Toronto

If you are interested in exploring what career paths are available to you after graduate school, we have gather a group of more than 10 experts who have taken different career trajectories after their scientific training.

View speaker short biographies here.

Experts include:


Mark Aurousseau
CTO & Co-founder

Chris Tait
Boston Consulting Group
Keeley Rose
Project Manager
Stuart Trenholm
Stuart Trenholm
Assistant Professor
McGill University
Lindsay Borthwick
Independent journalist
Graeme Moffat
Chief Scientist & VP Regulatory Affairs
Stephen Fields
Associate Director – Medical Advisor, Medical Affairs Oncology
Merck Canada

Anastassia Voronova
Anastassia Voronova
Assistant Professor
University of Alberta

Anat Fields
Anat Fields
Head of the generic clinical research at Apotex

Nancy Silva-Gagliardi
Nancy Silva-Gagliardi
Program Manager at SickKids Research Operations