2019 Plenary speaker: Jeffrey Mogil

Jeffrey MogilJeffrey Mogil

Professor, McGill University
Canada Research Chair in Genetics of Pain (Tier I)
E. P. Taylor Chair in Pain Studies
Director of the Pain Genetics Lab

Jeffrey Mogil’s research aims to understand the factors underlying individual differences in sensitivity to pain, in response to analgesic drugs, and in susceptibility to develop chronic pain. The long-term goal of this research is the development of personalized pain medicine.

Dr. Mogil is a world-renowned expert in pain genetics and he has made seminal discoveries in this field.  His work has uncovered important sex differences in pain response and analgesia and shown how social interactions can modulate pain response in a sex-dependent manner.  His research has also helped decipher the role of the genetic background in pain response.

More recently, Dr. Mogil’s laboratory has become very interested in developing new assays and measures of pain in laboratory mice, with the aim of providing tools for basic pain researchers to collect more accurate and relevant predictive data for the development of novel analgesic strategies.

Dr. Mogil is a leading expert in pain genetics, and author of most major reviews of the subject and the editor of the only textbook, The Genetics of Pain.  He is also a recognized authority in the fields of sex differences in pain and analgesia, and pain testing in the laboratory mouse. Dr. Mogil is the author of over 220 articles and book chapters.






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