Satellite symposium 2: 7th Annual Canadian Neurometabolic Club Meeting

Canadian neurometabolic clubDates: May 21 (5pm keynote lecture) to May 22 (9-4:30)

Location: Sheraton Centre Toronto (CAN meeting HQ)

Organiser: Stephanie Fulton, Université de Montréal & CRCHUM

Brief description of event:

The CNS plays an essential role in the regulation of energy balance. Peripherally-derived nutrients and metabolic signals have a critical influence on neural metabolism and signalling to modulate behavioural, neuroendocrine and autonomic processes. Excessive intake of foods rich in fat and/or sugar and sedentary lifestyle underlie the prevalence of obesity and associated neuropathologies (psychiatric, degenerative, developmental). Understanding the interactions between diet, physical activity, metabolism and nervous system function is of utmost importance.

The Canadian Neurometabolic Club meeting welcomes all scientists interested in brain-metabolism interplay. The objective of the meeting is to provide a platform for trainees to present their research, in the form of short a talk or poster, and to foster interactions and exchange amongst PIs and trainees.


Keynote: Lori Zeltser, PhD Columbia University

Talk title: Genetic Influences on Eating Disorder Risk

Plus trainee presentations selected from abstracts

Ticket price:  Free


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Program: 2019 Canadian Neurometabolic Meeting Program