CNS-PDS Annual Schedule

The CNS-PDS committee is delighted to announce the seminar series line-up for the year ahead. The series will take place on the first Thursday of every month at 12pm PT/3pm ET and will showcase the work of talented postdocs in Canada and Canadian postdocs abroad.

We believe that this series will be nourishing to neuroscientists at all stages of their careers and we hope that you’ll join us!

Find zoom links to the talks on our Twitter @CNS_PDS


CNS-PDS Annual Schedule

March 2nd 2023

  • Synapse-specific opioid regulation of GABA release in the prefrontal cortex
    Ryan Alexander, University of California, San Francisco
  • The role of keratinocytes and PDGFR-ß signaling in peripheral opioid tolerance
    Luca Posa, Boston University
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April 6th  2023

  • Interaction of sleep, cognition and proteostasis in knock-in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease
    Christopher Daniel Morrone, University of Toronto
  • Brain endothelial CD2AP depletion impairs cerebrovascular function in the context of Alzheimer’s disease
    Milene Vandal, University of Calgary

May 4th 2023

  • Functional parcellation of the common marmoset’s cerebral cortex with movie-driven ultra-high field fMRI
    Alessandro Zanini, University of Western Ontario
  • Sensory predictions are embedded in cortical motor activity
    Jonathan A. Michaels, University of Western Ontario

June 1st 2023

  • Learning brain organization from multiple datasets reveals a fine-grained, symmetrical functional atlas of the cerebellum
    Caroline Nettekoven, University of Western Ontario
  • A cross-species neuroimaging study of sex chromosome dosage effects on the human and mouse brain
    Elisa Guma, National Institute of Mental Health

July 6th 2023

  • Loss of neuronal heterogeneity in epileptogenic human tissue impairs network resilience to sudden changes in synchrony
    Scott Rich, Krembil Brain Institute
  • Functional and molecular architecture of the healthy and diseased human brain
    Larissa Kraus, University of British Columbia

August 3rd 2023

  • Reduced temporal precision in neural activity of schizophrenia
    Annemarie Wolff, University of Ottawa
  • Cannabis differentially disrupts neural circuit oscillatory dynamics and sensory filtering in rats: implications for schizophrenia
    Bryan W. Jenkins, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

September 7th 2023

  • Axonal dysfunction in a mouse model of ARSACS
    Amy Smith-Dijak, McGill University
  • Fast motoneurons are not just ‘big’ slow motoneurons: roles for active properties in maintaining the orderly recruitment of motoneuron subtypes
    Simon A Sharples, University of St Andrews

October 5th 2023

  • Role of cell adhesion molecules in oligodendrocyte-T cell interactions in MS
    Haritha Desu, University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre
  • Inflammation-induced impairments in LTP are rescued by L-type calcium channel antagonism
    Samantha Carew, Memorial University of Newfoundland

November 2nd 2023

  • Delayed motor learning in a 16p11.2 deletion mouse model of autism is rescued by locus coeruleus activation
    Xuming Yin, University of Ottawa
  • Neurogliaform cell synaptic transmission and GABAergic signaling alteration in the hippocampal circuit of animal model of Rett syndrome
    Azam Asgarihafshejani, University of Toronto

December 7th 2023

  • Multi-spectral neurophysiological slowing in patients with neurodegenerative disorders
    Alex Wiesman, McGill University
  • Development of a novel optogenetic based model of alpha-synuclein aggregation to study Parkinson’s disease
    Razan Sheta, University of Laval

January 11th 2024

  • Microglial adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) regulates neuroinflammation and diet-induced obesity
    Josephine Robb, University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre
  • Endocannabinoid CB1 receptor regulates neuromuscular junction denervation and reinnervation following nerve injury
    Roberta Piovesana, University of Montreal