Satellite symposium 3: Canadian Neurophotonics Platform

Date: May 22, 2019, full day

Location: Sheraton Centre Toronto (CAN meeting HQ)

Organiser: Jean-Claude Béique, University of Ottawa, for the Canadian Neurophotonics platform

Brief description of event

An all-day short course to articulate new methods and applications of light microscopic imaging and optogenetic manipulation of nervous system tissues. Optogenetics topics include: optogenetic probe development, optogenetic activation and inhibition, with emphasis on region selective expression, light, and probe delivery. Imaging topics include: in vivo approaches (2-photon fast scanning, wide-field), super-resolution imaging, and methodologies for assessing the structure and function of large brain networks. Data analysis topics include visualization of activity in large networks, and image processing strategies to improve light microscopic images.

Speakers: TBA

Ticket price: Registration fees are $60 if combined with CAN registration or $80 for the satellite only. Lunch is included.



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