Satellite 4: Neural stem cells in development and adulthood

The objective of this satellite event is to bring together experts and trainees in the field of neural stem cells (NSC). The scientists working on embryonic and adult NSC will discuss recent advances in the field and bring new insights on fundamental mechanisms controlling physiology and function of these cells. The speakers will provide different perspectives on the role of NSC during brain development and in adulthood, and how these cells can be reactivated during aging or after different pathological conditions. The meeting will be a great platform to exchange ideas and develop novel collaborative projects.


  1. Armen Saghatelyan (Université Laval)
  2. David Kaplan (Hospital for Sick Children)
  3. Freda Miller (Hospital for Sick Children)

Event Agenda:

8h30 Arrival and registration
9h00 Opening remarks
Session 1: Embryonic neurogenesis
9h10 Derek van der Kooy (University of Toronto)
9h40 Carol Schuurmans (Sunnybrook Research Institute)
10h10 coffee break
10h30 Michel Cayouette (IRCM)
11h00 Ruth Slack (University of Ottawa)
11h30 lunch
Session 2: Adult neurogenesis
13h00 Karl Fernandes (Université de Montréal)
13h30 Armen Saghatelyan (Université Laval)
14h00 Cindi Morshead (University of Toronto)
14h30 coffee break
14h50 David Kaplan (The Hospital for Sick Children)
15h20 Paul Frankland (The Hospital for Sick Children)
15h50 closing remarks



Registration will be available through the CAN main meeting registration page.  Registration costs is 50$ if combined with registration to the main CAN meeting, and 75$ if you register for the NSC satellite only.

Register for the meeting and satellite here:

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