Dr. Mayank R. Mehta PhD – Plenary speaker


Director, Keck Center for NeurophysicsMayank Mehta
Professor, Departments of:
Physics & Astronomy; Neurology; Neurobiology –¬†UCLA

Dr. Mayank Mehta studies how the mind emerges from the brain. His research, at the interface between neuroscience and physics, addresses fundamental questions such as:

  • How does the brain represent the physical world, and in particular, how does it perceive space and time?
  • How do these representations change when we learn?
  • Are brain rhythms important for learning and memory?
  • How does sleep influence memory and learning?

Mayank Mehta has a Ph.D. in quantum field theory and did postdoctoral studies in both experimental and computational neuroscience. His research is focused on understanding how multisensory stimuli and behavior influence the dynamics of large ensembles of neurons from the cortico-hippocampal circuit, and their contribution to learning and memory. They use an integrative approach, combining techniques from engineering, neuroscience, and physics. This Neurophysics approach has provided important insights about how neural ensembles create the perception of space-time and memory.

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