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CAN membership is open to all scientists, principal investigators and students actively involved in neuroscience research from across Canada and around the world. CAN membership dues are paid annually and cover the calendar year from September 1st to August 31st. Renewal notices will be issued to all members in good standing prior to expiration.

Membership term: September 1st to August 31st. All memberships, except honorary and emeritus memberships, expire August 31st, and members will be invited to renew for the next membership year.

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Become a CAN member or to Renew your membership

Upon completion of this application, members will be sent an email including information on their username and password.  This email should be kept in a safe location for future reference and to speed the process of submitting an abstract or registering for the conference.  At anytime, you will be able to update your username and password by clicking on the appropriate link in this member confirmation email.

You can apply either as a full member, as a post-doc member or as a student member

Member Dues

Membership category Regular dues
Full Member 80
Post-Doc Member 40
Student Member 20

All dues are in Canadian dollars and can be paid using VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

Member categories:

Full Member – a person who has conducted research, who has published papers in scientific journals and who is actively engaged in investigation, teaching or other form of scholarship in any of the fields which constitute the neurosciences shall be eligible for membership.

Post-doc Member – Postdoctoral fellows in the neurosciences who have not yet had the opportunity or time to satisfy their requirements for full Membership and research assistants, and teachers in the neurosciences possessing a University Degree or its equivalent, shall be eligible for Post-Doc Membership. Under normal circumstances, tenure of Post-Doc Membership shall not exceed 7 years.

Student Member – graduate students in the neurosciences pay a reduced rate. Under normal circumstances, tenure of Student Membership shall not exceed 7 years.

Honorary and Emeritus member applications or nominations must be submitted to CAN executives prior to registration.

PRIVILEGES OF MEMBERSHIP: Members, Honorary Members and Emeritus Members, but not Student Members or Corporate Members, shall have the right to vote at any duly constituted business meeting of the Association and shall have the right to hold office in the Association.

At any scientific meeting arranged by the Association, Members, Honorary Members, Emeritus Members and Student members shall be eligible to submit or sponsor communications. Only Student members that are supervised by a Member that has paid his or her dues are eligible to receive travel awards.

Membership questions or inquiries?
Please contact Gabriela Dominguez, at DeArmond Management Phone: 250-472-7644

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