Neuroscience Post-Doc Opportunities

Advertisements for post-doctoral fellow positions in Neuroscience.
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Postdoctoral Position in Neurodevelopmental Disorders – University of Calgary

The long-term research goal of Cheng lab is to understand the changes leading to altered brain activity and atypical behaviours in autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders such as Fragile X Syndrome, and to identify therapeutic approaches. In the next five years, our research program will focus on ERK signalling as a central node for targeted […]

Post-Doctoral Position in Neurodegenerative Disease – University of Buffalo

The Clark Lab at the University at Buffalo is looking to build a team to investigate a second-generation preclinical model of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). PSP is a devastating neurodegenerative disease, which shares attributes with Alzheimer’s Disease; tau protein aggregates, cognitive and motor deficits. Our goal is to identify neurons that are perturbed early in […]

Postdoc position available at Park lab – SickKids Research Institute

Dec 6, 2021 Postdoc position available @ Jeehye Park laboratory, The Hospital for Sick Children We are looking for a highly motivated, independent, collaborative postdoctoral researcher who has a strong interest in studying the molecular mechanism underlying amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) using mouse models and human cell lines. The Jeehye Park laboratory in the Peter Gilgan […]

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Alzheimer’s disease – Université de Montréal

Description The Brouillette Lab at the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal (CIUSSS-NIM) invites applicants for a doctoral and postdoctoral researcher position in the field of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and age-related memory deficits. Specific research topics include the effect of Aβ oligomers on sleep during aging, the impact of Aβ oligomers on different cell types in […]

Postdoctoral position to study auditory and somatosensory perception in songbirds – McGill University

The Woolley lab ( in the Department of Biology, McGill University is seeking a postdoctoral researcher for a 2-3-year position studying somatosensory and auditory representations in the songbird forebrain. Our lab uses awake-behaving electrophysiology, behavioral assays, pharmacology, gene expression, and computational approaches to study song preference and individual recognition in female songbirds. We have also […]

Postdoctoral fellowship in machine learning and human vision – York University

Richard Murray (Centre for Vision Research, York University;, David Brainard (Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania;, and Marcus Brubaker (EECS, York University; are seeking a postdoctoral fellow for a collaborative project. The successful candidate will work with the PIs on developing machine learning approaches to intrinsic image estimation, with the additional goal […]

Neurologists & Locum Neurologists – Windsor Regional Hospital

Our client, Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH), is a multi-faceted health services organization operating from two main sites, the Metropolitan Campus and the Ouellette Campus. With 500 beds and an operating budget of over half a billion dollars, WRH is the regional provider of advanced care in areas that include complex trauma, renal dialysis, cardiac care, […]

Post-doctoral fellow or Research Associate position – The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus

We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow or research associate in the laboratory of Dr. Adam Sachs at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute to conduct research in intracortical human brain computer interfaces as part of the NeuroCognitive Communicator Trial and human basal ganglia neurophysiology during deep brain stimulation surgery. Please visit our lab website ( […]

Postdoctoral Associate – Plasticity following sensory loss – Western University

The Neuroplasticity in Sensory Systems Lab ( at Western University is seeking a postdoctoral associate interested in how profound hearing loss gives rise to reorganized function in ‘auditory’ cortex. This may involve optogenetic/pharmacological methods to manipulate neural projections between brain areas, and the use of fiber photometry, extracellular electrophysiology and/or behaviour to quantify the effects. […]

Post-doctoral fellow or research assistant in behavioural neuroscience of reward – Samaha laboratory – Université de Montréal Dr Anne-Noel Samaha’s laboratory at the Université de Montréal is looking for a post-doctoral fellow or research associate. The research work involves characterizing the role of the amygdala and its projections in the behavioural response to reward cues in rats. As an example, see I will hire someone i) whose primary expertise […]