Neuroscience Post-Doc Opportunities

Advertisements for post-doctoral fellow positions in Neuroscience.
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Post-doc position on the neurobiology of epilepsy – Electrophysiology – E. Rossignol lab, Université de Montréal

Location:             Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine (CHUSJ) Affiliation:          Université de Montréal City:                      Montreal, QC, Canada Posting date:     April 27th 2022 Deadline:            Open until filled   Job Description: Post-doc position on the neurobiology of epilepsy – Electrophysiology The E. Rossignol lab is looking for a motivated and dynamic post-doctoral candidate to join […]

Postdoctoral fellowship – Neural basis of social behaviour – Choe Lab – McMaster University

The Choe Lab ( at the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University researches mechanisms underlying social behaviour using a multi-scale approach with a wide array of techniques including in vitro electrophysiology, molecular biology, confocal and lightsheet imaging, optogenetic and chemogenetics, in vivo fiber photometry recordings, mouse fMRI and behaviour assays. The postdoctoral fellow […]

Postdoctoral Position in Systems Neuroscience at the University of Toronto Scarborough

The Developmental Systems Neuroscience lab ( is looking for a postdoc to lead a fully funded project on the intersection of development, synaptic maturation and behavior in mice. Our work spans techniques such as chemo/optogenetics, fiber photometry and slice electrophysiology. We are looking for a highly enthusiastic postdoc to join our team. Contact information Please […]

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational/Network Neuroscience at Université Laval

The Dynamica Research Lab, led by Antoine Allard and Patrick Desrosiers at Université Laval (Québec, Canada), seeks an exceptional candidate for a postdoctoral research associate to work on an innovative project at the intersection of Neuroscience, Computer Science and Network Science. The initial term of the position is one year, with the possibility of up […]

Multiple positions available at the Canadian Brain Research Strategy

The Canadian Brain Research Strategy (CBRS) is a community-led initiative uniting to advance Canada as a world leader in collaborative, transdisciplinary, open, and ethical brain research. Our objective is to make brain research a national priority by establishing a Canadian Brain Research Initiative. We are looking to fill three roles but are flexible on the […]

Postdoctoral position in neuroscience and stem cell biology

The Rylett lab at the Robarts Research Institute, Western University is seeking a highly motivated person interested in studying cellular and molecular events regulating chemical neurotransmission by cholinergic neurons and pathology associated with age-related neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer disease. Projects involve use of neuronal cultures, induced pluripotent stem cells with differentiation to neurons, genetically-modified […]

Post-Doctoral Position in Pain Biology – SUNY-Buffalo

The Bhattacharjee Lab is searching for a postdoc to study basic pain mechanisms. The long-term objectives of our lab are to study and understand the plasticity of pain-sensing dorsal root ganglion neurons. We are especially interested in ion channel trafficking and identifying key protein interactions that are involved in this process. We believe that novel […]

Post-doctoral Fellow in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Neurobiology – University of Toronto

The Yuzwa lab in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP) at the University of Toronto is seeking to hire a Post-doctoral Fellow to work on an exciting project that will unravel lineage and spatial relationships between cells of the mammalian brain and the impacts of disease on these relationships. The primary approaches that […]

General Neurologists & Stroke Neurologists – Windsor General Hospital

Our client, Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH), is a multi-faceted health services organization operating from two main sites, the Metropolitan Campus and the Ouellette Campus. With 500 beds and an operating budget of over half a billion dollars, WRH is the regional provider of advanced care in areas that include complex trauma, renal dialysis, cardiac care, […]

Postdoctoral Fellow in axon regeneration – Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to join our team at the Montreal Neurological Institute (McGill University, Montreal, Canada). The postdoc will be under the primary supervision of Prof. Alyson Fournier and will be collaborating with the lab of Molly Shoichet at the University of Toronto to test the effects of pro-regenerative […]