Trainee Power Pitch Sessions

What are Power Pitch Sessions? 

Power Pitch Sessions at CAN 2024 offer a dynamic platform for trainees  (Master’s, PhD and Post-Docs) to showcase their research in a short oral presentation. These sessions are designed to highlight the most innovative and compelling work in the field of neuroscience.

When will the Sessions Occur? 

Every day of the CAN 2024 meeting, six participants will be chosen to present their research. The sessions will take place just before the afternoon poster session.

How are Presentations Structured? 

Each presenter will have 3 minutes to share their findings. Your presentation should include three slides (excluding the introduction slide) to convey your key points effectively. To ensure smooth proceedings, we request no videos or animations.

How Can I Participate? 

Interested in powering up your research with a pitch? Simply check the designated box during your abstract submission process. It’s that easy to throw your hat in the ring!

Why Join the Power Pitch Sessions? 

This is your chance to captivate an audience of peers and experts with your research insights. Make every second count and leave a lasting impression!

Pitch your Science, Spark your Audience!