Neural Stem Cells: from model organisms to brain disorders

Date and time: May 19, 2024, 9AM – 4PM

Location: Westin Bayshore Vancouver

Price: 60$ if registered for CAN; 80$ if not registered for CAN

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Short Description

The objective of 6th satellite meeting on Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) is to bring together Canadian experts and trainees working in the fields of NSC, neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders, as well as brain tumors to exchange ideas and discuss recent data. The speakers from multiple institutions across Canada and all career stages will discuss recent advances in the field of stem cell biology and how their dysfunction is linked to distinct pathological conditions. The speakers will cover topics spanning from the use of model organisms to study NSC function (session 1), mammalian NSCs biology (session 2) and NSCs dysfunction and their therapeutic potential in various brain disorders (session 3). We hope that this meeting will further catalyze the interactions between Canadian neural stem cell researchers and provide a great platform to exchange ideas and develop novel collaborative projects. 

Event Agenda

May 19, 2024; 20min talks + 5 min questions

8h30: arrival and registration

9h00 opening remarks

Session 1: Stem cells in non-mammalian organisms

9h05 Sarah McFarlane (University of Calgary)

Semaphorin regulation of zebrafish eye progenitors

9h30  Ben Lindsey (University of Manitoba)

Characterizing the process of successful spinal cord repair in the zebrafish model

9h55 Deborah Kurrasch (University of Calgary)

The neurogenic potential of tanycytes in the embryonic and adult hypothalamus

10h20 short talk from trainee

10h35 coffee break

Session 2: Mammalian neurogenesis

11h00 Diane Lagace (University of Ottawa)

Dissecting the role of autophagy-related proteins in adult hippocampal neurogenesis

11h25 Maryam Faiz (University of Toronto)

Cortical astrocyte diversity is influenced by time of birth from ventricular/subventricular progenitor cells

11h50 Gilda Stefanelli (University of Ottawa)

H2A.Z and its chaperones: a novel epigenetic mechanism in neurodevelopment

12h15 Robert Beattie (University of Manitoba)

Mosaic Analysis of Brain Development & Disease

12h40 short talk from trainee

12h55 lunch

Session 3: Therapeutic potential of stem cells

14h00 Freda Miller (University of British Colombia)

Mapping NSC niches during development and following injury

14h25 Soheila Karimi (University of Manitoba)

Reparative role of neural stem cell-derived astrocytes in spinal cord injury

14h50 Weihong Song (University of British Colombia)

Diphthamide modification deficiency causes cell proliferation defect in neural crest and a rare disease DEDSHH

15h25 Xi Huang (University of Toronto)

Potassium homeostasis regulates plasma membrane mechanics to govern brain tumor-initiating cell proliferation and medulloblastoma growth.

15h50 short talk from trainee

16h05 closing remarks

17h00 CAN opening

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