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CAN Satellite meeting

Date: May 19, 2024

Location: Westin Bayshore Vancouver

Ticket price: $100 CAD

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The theme for 2024 will be addressing challenges an exploring technologies to assess structure, function, and gene expression within live human explanted tissues and histological sections. Specifically, we will take advantage of new technologies which support both high resolution and throughput imaging of human iPSC derived cultures, postmortem or surgical resections for both live tissues and those that are histologically preserved.

Workshop speakers will be drawn from North American leaders and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, with emphasis on trainees, early career investigators, and practical aspects of tool dissemination.


  • Martin Bohlen (Duke University)
  • Patrick Desrosiers (CERVO Brain Research Centre, Université Laval)
  • LinLin Fan (MIT Picower Institute for Learning and Memory)
  • Mike Hildebrand (Carleton University)
  • Larissa Kraus (Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health. UBC)
  • Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal (CERVO Brain Research Centre, Université Laval)
  • Marie-Eve Paquet (CERVO Brain Research Centre, Université Laval)
  • Martin Parent (CERVO Brain Research Centre, Université Laval)
  • François St-Pierre (Baylor College of Medicine)


CAN/ACN Satellite Meeting, Canadian Neurophotonics Platform

Sunday, May 18, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver



Lobby 9:30 WELCOME: Yves De Koninck (Canadian Neurophotonics Platform/COVF)

SESSION 1: New Optogenetic sensors and actuators for the nervous system

(Chair Rochelin Dalangin)

  • 9:50 François St-Pierre, Baylor: Voltage sensors optimized for one- and two-photon microscopy.
  • 10:10 LinLin Fan, MIT: All-optical tools for simultaneously mapping and controlling neurons.
  • 10:30 – 11:00 – COFFEE BREAK Lobby

SESSION 2: Towards Neurophotonics in human brain tissue

(Chair: Tim Murphy)

  • 11:00 Larissa Kraus, UBC: Identification of healthy and diseased cells in the human brain
  • 11:20 Mike Hildebrand, Carleton: Cellular taxonomy of the human spinal cord
  • 11:40 Martin Parent, Laval: Raman spectroscopy for neurosurgical guidance in the human brain

12:00-13:30 – LUNCH (on your own)

SESSION 3: Making sense of complex Neurophotonics signals

(Chair: Jeffrey LeDue)

  • 13:30 Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal; Laval; Novel machine learning-based algorithms to guide and improve optical nanoscopy analysis and acquisition
  • 13:50 Patrick Derosiers, Laval: Decoding network organization with graph theory-based analysis

14:10-14:30 – COFFEE BREAK Lobby

SESSION 4: Optogenetic gene delivery – translational models

(Chair: Majid Mohajerani)

  • 14:30 Marie-Eve Paquet, Laval: Novel viral tools for efficient neuronal transduction across species
  • 14:50 Martin Bohlen, Duke: Development and use of effective neuronal actuators in the primate model

15:10 CLOSING REMARKS: Yves De Koninck

17:00 Opening of the 17th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting

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