Satellite meeting: Neural Stem Cells function and dysfunction

Date: May 28, 2023, All day

Location: Montreal Bonaventure Hotel



  • Armen Saghatelyan (University of Ottawa)
  • Karun Singh (Krembil Research Institute)

Ticket price: 50$ if registered for CAN, 75$ if registering for NSC satellite only


Brief description of event:

The 5th satellite meeting on Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) will bring together experts and trainees in the field of embryonic/postnatal stem cells, neurodevelopmental disorders and brain tumors to exchange ideas and discuss recent data. The speakers from multiple institutions across Canada and all career stages will discuss recent advances in the field of stem cell biology and provide insights on how NSC dysfunction may lead to distinct pathological states. The speakers will cover topics spanning from the mechanisms underlying NSCs maintenance and function (session 1) to how NSCs dysfunction leads to brain tumors and various neurodevelopmental disorders (session 2). We hope that this meeting will further catalyze the interactions between Canadian neural stem cell researchers.

Tentative Program

Session 1: Neural stem cells: from development to function

9h10   Ruth Slack (U. Ottawa)

9h35   Michel Cayouette (IRCM)

10h00 Jeff Biernaskie (U Calgary)

10h25 short-talk from trainee


10h40 coffee break


11h00 Jessica Rosin (UBC)

11h25 Paul Frankland (SickKids)

11h50 short-talk from trainee


12h05 lunch


Session 2: Stem cells dysfunction in brain disorders

13h30 Brian Kalish (SickKids)

13h55 Frédéric Charron (IRCM)

14h20 Arezu Jahani-Asl (U Ottawa)

14h45 Valerie Wallace (Krembil Research Institute)

15h10 short-talk from trainee


15h30 closing remarks


Sponsored by

StemCell Technologies