Career development session

Organizers: Masha Prager-Khoutorsky & Annie Ciernia

The Career session will take place on Wednesday May 31st at noon-1:30pm. Join us to meet Scientists in a variety of career tracks. There will be multiple round tables and rotations for you to learn more about their career trajectories and positions in: Start-up/Biotech, Consulting, Science communication & Medical writing, Business/Management, Medical Science Liaison, Education & Outreach. There will also be tables to discuss academic career path and running a lab as new PI.

These are the confirmed panelists:

  1. Start-up and Biotech: Tyler Sloan, PhD, neuroscientist, software developer, graphic artist, and small business owner of Quorumetrix Studio.
  2. Biasness development: Hunter Shaw, PhD, neuroscientist, business development liaison, NuChem Sciences.
  3. Biopharma consulting, commercial insights and advanced analytics: Elizabeth Cooper, MBA, Director -Commercial Insights and Advanced Analytics – Benchmarking – Forecasting – Commercial Analytics; Career Coach
  4. Business & Management: Sabine Dhir, PhD, neuroscientist, Director – Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management & Senior Faculty Lecturer at McGill’s Faculty of Management 
  5. Science communication & Medical writing: Danielle Nadin, MSc, neuroscientist, Medical Writer & Learning Solution Designer and Project leader at Metrix
  6. Education & Outreach: Cristian Zaelzer, PhD, neuroscientist, Founder & President of the Convergence Initiative, Educator at Concordia U Fine Arts
  7. Medical Science Liaison: Svetlana Petkun, PhD, MBA, Medical Affairs Partner and Global Scientific Communication Director at Roche
  8. Career in Academia & becoming PI: Ciaran Murphy-Royal, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Neuroscience, University de Montreal.
  9. Career in Academia & running your own lab: Alanna Watt, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Biology, McGill University.
  10. Career in Biotech & Biomedical device development: Application Scientists at Bruker, Dr. Roshni Christo, PhD, and Dr. Yeseul Lee, PhD.