Career networking event

The Career session will take place on Sunday May 15th at noon-1pm. Join us to meet Scientists in a variety of career tracks. There will be multiple round tables and rotations for you to learn more about their career trajectories and positions in: Start-up/Biotech, Not-for profit/Foundation, Venture Capital/Investment, Medical Science Liaison, Imaging Technology/Microscopy. There will also be tables to discuss: Applying for Postdocs, Preparing your academic job applications, Running a lab as new PI.

There will be 3 x 20 minute rotations to facilitate discussions with the tables.

Registration is free, on location

Table # 1:  Opportunities in Imaging Technologies

Dan Stevens PhD, Applications Specialist, Zeiss Canada


Table # 2:  Opportunities as a Medical Liaison

Ankur Bodalia PhD, Medical Science Liaison in Oncology, Novartis


Table # 3:  Opportunities in Venture Capital/Investment in Technology, Healthcare Platforms & Biopharma

Tyler Luyben PhD, Principal Scientist at Six Degree Capital


Table # 4. Opportunities in a non-profit organization

Jennie Z. Young PhD, Executive Director for the Canadian Brain Strategy


Table # 5: Opportunities in a Biotech start-up

Tanner Scidmore MSc, Research Associate, Deep Genomics


Table # 6: Opportunities in a Neuroscience Technologies start-up

Roshni Christo PhD, Application Scientist, Neurescence.


Table # 7:  Your postdoc search & navigating the first years:

Katie Ferguson PhD Research Associate, Yale University

Shreejoy Tripathy PhD, Assistant Professor, Scientist CAMH/UoT


Table # 8:  Preparing for your academic PI job search:

Steve Glasgow PhD, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, Brock University.

Julie Lefebvre PhD, Senior Scientist, SickKids


Table # 9:   Starting your lab as New PI:

Katrina Choe PhD, Assistant Professor, McMaster University