Satellite 2: Neural stem cells: from function to dysfunction

Date: May 12th, 8:30AM to 3PM

Location: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Registration fees:

  • 50$ if registered for CAN
  • 75$ if registering for NSC satellite only

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  • Armen Saghatelyan (CERVO Brain Research Center)
  • David Kaplan (Hospital for Sick Children)
  • Freda Miller (UBC)


The 4th satellite meeting on Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) will provide a platform for experts and trainees in the field of embryonic/postnatal stem cells and neurodevelopmental disorders to exchange ideas, develop collaborative projects and discuss recent data. The speakers from multiple institutions across Canada and all career stages will discuss recent advances in the field of stem cell biology and provide insights on how NSC dysfunction may lead to neurodevelopmental disorders and brain tumors. The speakers will cover molecular and cellular mechanisms of NSC function (session 1) and how aberrant trajectories of NSC maintenance and development may lead to distinct pathological states (session 2). We hope that this meeting will further catalyze the interactions between Canadian neural stem cell researchers.


Final Program

 May 12

8h30: arrival and registration

9h00 opening remarks

Session 1: Neural stem cells: from development to function

  • 9h05   Freda Miller (UBC)
    Defining mammalian neural stem cell niches and transitions throughout life
  • 9h30   Deborah Kurrasch (U. Calgary)
    The ontology of hypothalamic tanycytes and their relationship to neural stem cells
  • 9h55 Qiumin Tan (U. Alberta)
    From Sick to CIC – Studies of a Rare Neurodevelopmental Syndrome Offer Insights into Neuronal Maturation
    10h20 Naijin Li (U. Toronto) short-talk
  • Characterizing human fetal neural stem cell populations and investigating their roles in the initiation of glioblastoma

10h35 break

  • 11h00 Jason Snyder (UBC)
    Extended plasticity of adult-born hippocampal neurons
  • 11h25 Jonathan Epp (U. Calgary)
    Downstream of the dentate:  The role of adult neurogenesis in modulating structural and functional connectivity
  • 11h50 Jagroop Dhaliwal (SickKids) short-talk
    The supramammillary nucleus (SuM) integrates environmental signals and modulates mood and cognition via regulation of hippocampal neurogenesis

12h05 lunch

Session 2: Stem cells dysfunction in brain disorders

  • 13h30 Karun Singh (Krembil Research Institute)
    Human cellular models to study mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders
  • 13h55 Julien Muffat (SickKids)
    Human neural avatars to interrogate neuro-immune crosstalks in developmental and degenerative disorders
  • 14h20 Claudia Kleinman (Lady Davis Institute, McGill)
    Identitity matters: lineage programs dictating high-grade glioma vulnerabilities
  • 14h45 Deivid Rodrigues (SickKids) short-talk
    Buffering of transcription rate by mRNA half-life is a conserved feature of Rett syndrome models

15h00 closing remarks

17h00 CAN opening