Satellite symposium 4: Canadian Neurophotonics platform satellite meeting

Organiser: Mario Méthot and Ed Ruthazer

Date: 2020/05/31

Length of event: Full day

Location: Hotel Bonaventure Montreal

Brief description of event: 

The 6th Annual Canadian Neurophotonic Plateform Satellite Meeting
This all-day short course will highlight new imaging and optogenetic-based methods for the study of brain function across several model organisms. The invited speakers will present novel data from their research programs, but with an emphasis in providing pedagogical accounts of the photonic approach for the community’s benefit. Presentations will cover broad topics ranging from optical interrogations of brain function across different scales, from synapses to behavior, and novel hardware development. A particular emphasis will be given to provide an updated and critical coverage of the expanding number of viral strategies now available to the community to express in the brain the exploding palette of available opsins and optical reporters.