Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity in Neuroscience Workshop

Judy Illes will lead the interactive Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity in Neuroscience (EDI-Neuro) lunch workshop on May 14th, 2018 at our annual meeting in Vancouver, BC.  This workshop will be used to inform actions that CAN, as an association, will put into place to address these important issues in 2018-2019.

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To make this a successful and interactive event, different from others at SfN and elsewhere, we are surveying the membership to get your views how what CAN can do as a professional society to promote balance, fairness, diversity and productivity in our organization.

As a first step to raise awareness about issues to be discussed, CAN has put together a document highlighting some statistics on the representation of women, immigrants, minorities and First Nations People in various University positions.  We invite you to view this document and to send us your comments and suggestions on these data, but also, and more importantly, on initiatives and actions that CAN, as an association, should take to address equity and diversity issues.The data we have gathered to date suggest major granting agencies are taking action to acknowledge and address these issues, but that some inequalities persist, notably in leadership positions in major Canadian universities.  We invite you to look at the data we gathered and let us know what you think are the most important issues to address.

Today, we also ask that you provide us with ideas of actionable steps that CAN may take towards this goal. Some examples we have thought of are:

  • Continuously tracking membership data and reporting out at each annual meeting.
  • Creating internal mechanism to track external trends important to our community, such as CIHR reviews and awards, and reporting out at each annual meeting.
  • Creating a mentoring program specifically with a focus on diversity.
  • Creating a travel or fellowship fund for students interested in neuroscience from under-resourced parts of the country to attend the annual meeting, or participate in research in a major medical centre.

Please share your ideas in the form below

We will gather and summarize the data, and then send out a quick survey for you to offer your prioritization of the items for discussion in May, and action to follow.

View the working document here:

EDI-Neuro 2018 – Working document (PDF)


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