Canadian neuroscientist profiles

Neuroscience research is one of Canada’s great strengths.  Learn more about the eminent Canadian neuroscientists who have contributed to further our understanding of the brain and nervous system here.
You can also view the profiles of the winner of the CAN Young Investigator Awards

New – Summer 2016: We have hired a student journalist who will contribute to our distinguished neuroscientists section.  Read student journalist Sarah Ferguson’s profile.

 Brian MacVicarNew profile – 2016

Brian MacVicar


brenda-milner-dsc_0931_meera_palejaNew profile – 2016

Brenda Milner


Donald HebbNew profile – 2016

Donald Hebb


Wilder PenfieldNew profile – 2016

Wilder Penfield


Albert AguayoNew profile – 2016

Albert Aguayo

CAN honorary member, President 1983-1985


Harold Atwood

Harold Leslie Atwood

CAN Honorary member


Garth Bray

Garth M. Bray,

B.Sc., B.Sc.(Med), M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)

CAN honorary member

Vincent Castellucci

Vincent F. Castellucci, Ph.D.

CAN honorary member, and CAN President 2000-2001



Samuel David, Ph.D.

McGill University
Visit his website – CAN President: 2012 -2014

Jonathan Dostrovsky

Jonathan Dostrovsky, Ph.D.

CAN honorary member, CAN President 2005-2008

Freda MillerCAN President 2016-2017

Freda Miller, Ph.D.

University of Toronto
Visit her website


Lynn Raymond

Vice – President (Presidential term: 2017-2018)

Lynn Raymond, Ph.D.

University of British Columbia
Visit her website

Leo Renaud

Leo Renaud, MD, Ph.D.

CAN honorary member

Read A neuroscientist retires after 50 years – a profile of Leo Renaud

by Sarah Ferguson, initially published in the Algonquin Time,



Jane Stewart

Jane Stewart, Ph.D.

CAN honorary member