The Canadian Association for Neuroscience is a group of neuroscientists.  There are different categories of members:

Full Member

A person who has conducted research, who has published papers in scientific journals and who is actively engaged in investigation, teaching or other form of scholarship in any of the fields which constitute the neurosciences shall be eligible for membership.

Post-doc Member

Postdoctoral fellows in the neurosciences who have not yet had the opportunity or time to satisfy their requirements for full Membership and research assistants, and teachers in the neurosciences possessing a University Degree or its equivalent, shall be eligible for Post-Doc Membership. Under normal circumstances, tenure of Post-Doc Membership shall not exceed 7 years.

Student Member

Graduate students in the neurosciences.

Honorary Member

A person who has rendered distinguished service to neurosciences can be considered for honorary membership.

Emeritus Member

A member who has retired from active employment can apply for emeritus membership.     Honorary and Emeritus member applications or nominations must be submitted to CAN executives prior to registration.