Postdoctoral/Research Associate and Research Assistant positions available at CHU Ste.Justine Research Center

One of the research focus of the neurobiology axe of the CHU Ste.Justine Research is the dissection of the cellular and network mechanisms leading to altered learning and memory in children affected by intellectual disorders (ID) and autism. To dissect the cellular and network effect of these alterations in plasticity processes, we plan to build a platform for the recording and analysis of EEG and sensory-evoked potential in mice carrying specific mutations. We are seeking two highly motivated, hard-working and independent individuals to build and operate this platform.  Applicants will work under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Lippé and Dr. Graziella Di Cristo, and interacting with faculties Dr. Jacques Michaud, Dr. Bénédicte Amhilon and Dr. Elsa Rossignol to acquire specialized training and complete the goals of the project.

One of the offered positions is at postdoctoral/research associate level. The successful applicant will have a Ph.D. and background in neuroscience and/or engineering and/or physics. He/she should also be confortable with building electrophysiology rigs for in vivo recording and with programming with Mathlab. Previous experience in electrophysiology in vivo or in brain slices will be an additional advantage.

The second position will be at the research assistant level. The successful applicant will have a MSc or a Ph.D. and background in neuroscience with previous experience in mouse handling and surgery. Experience in mouse behavioral testing is an additional advantage.

Funds for these positions are secured for two years.

The Research Center of the CHU Ste.Justine Hospital (the largest mother-child hospital in Canada) is affiliated with the Neuroscience Department of Université de Montréal and has access to outstanding microscopy, imaging, and genetic screening facilities. Our environment offers a rich venue for training in state-of-the-art developmental neuroscience and opportunities for enrichment. Please send CV and list of references to:  Sarah Lippé, email sarah.lippé and Dr. Graziella Di Cristo, email