Postdoctoral position to study auditory and somatosensory perception in songbirds – McGill University

The Woolley lab ( in the Department of Biology, McGill University is seeking a postdoctoral researcher for a 2-3-year position studying somatosensory and auditory representations in the songbird forebrain. Our lab uses awake-behaving electrophysiology, behavioral assays, pharmacology, gene expression, and computational approaches to study song preference and individual recognition in female songbirds. We have also recently received funding (in collaboration with an aeronautical engineer and a slice physiologist) to study somatosensation: how do birds feel the air during flight?

Interested candidates should have a Ph.D. in neuroscience or related field and a strong record of peer-reviewed research publications. Experience with electrophysiology and an interest in developing new behavioral assays are strongly preferred. Please submit a C.V. and the names of two references by email.

Contact information

Sarah C. Woolley

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