Post-doc positions in cellular & circuit mechanisms of depression susceptibility – Bagot lab, McGill University

The Bagot Lab is seeking highly motivated and curious postdocs to join their team at McGill University in Montreal. Positions are fully funded and applicants will receive mentorship in fellowship applications.

Candidates should have a PhD in neuroscience or a related field. Expertise in molecular neuroscience, computational neuroscience, in vivo neural analysis, complex mouse behavior, or analysis of NGS data is highly favoured. Ideal candidates will have a strong interest in mastering novel techniques to integrate analysis of neural circuits & gene networks with complex behavior.

Research in the Bagot lab centers on probing endophenotypes of stress susceptibility with the ultimate goal of developing interventions to prevent the emergence of stress-related pathologies such as depression. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to elucidate the circuit-level adaptations and underlying gene expression networks implicated in stress-induced dysregulation of neural networks and behavioural dysfunction. Our research integrates a wide range of experimental approaches including optogenetics, in vivo fiber photometry and calcium imaging, ex vivo electrophysiology and transcriptional profiling with diverse rodent behavioral paradigms and stress models to uncover circuit, synaptic and molecular mechanisms of susceptibility to stress-related psychopathologies.

McGill University is home to a dynamic, diverse and thriving community of neuroscientists located across multiple academic departments and research institutes. McGill attracts top trainees and faculty from Quebec, Canada and from around the world. The student body at McGill is recognized as being one of the most dynamic and diverse in North America. McGill’s environment fosters intellectual flexibility, cross-cultural understanding and innovation. McGill University is committed to Employment Equity and in particular to providing equal employment opportunities consistent with the provisions of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Interested candidates should send their CV, a brief statement of research interests and contact information for 3 references to Dr. Bagot at

Posting end date 2019/04/30