Neurology Clinician Scientist Fellowships – Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute – University of Alberta

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI) at the University of Alberta is offering two fellowships to attract outstanding clinician scientists in training to the University of Alberta to conduct postdoctoral research in neurology and neuroscience: The Mildred I. Olsen Neurology Fellowship and The University Hospital Foundation Neurology Fellowship.

The NMHI is a multi-faculty, interdisciplinary teaching and research institute located at the University of Alberta. It is home to over 150 scientists and clinicians, spanning across all areas of neuroscience and mental health.


To apply for this competition:

  • Your supervisor must be a member of the NMHI (applicants must identify and contact a potential NMHI supervisor before applying);
  • You must hold an MD and plan to work in an area that falls within the NMHI research areas;
  • You must provide a complete application form along with all required accompanying documents.

Award Details

The Mildred I. Olsen Neurology Fellowship and the University Hospital Foundation Neurology Fellowship will be awarded for a term of one year. The value of each fellowship is $70,000 to be used towards salary costs; supervisors are responsible for benefits.

Supervisors are required to provide funding to support trainees beyond the first year. Trainees may hold this award once per eligible training program. Funding is non-transferable. It is the responsibility of the supervisor and/or awardee to inform the NMHI if they receive another award. Awardees are required to accept alternate funding. The awards are tenable at the University of Alberta.


Please visit the NMHI website for details on how to apply.

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