Masters or PhD Position in Neuroscience Graduate Program – University of Calgary

This advertisement is for a Masters or PhD student in the Graduate Neuroscience Program at the University of Calgary in the laboratory of Dr. Alexander Lohman starting Fall 2021 or Winter 2022. Research in the Lohman Lab focuses on deciphering the roles of the central and peripheral immune systems in regulating brain development, homeostasis and inflammatory responses following injury. One of the major research areas we are currently exploring is how neuroinflammation affects the adolescent brain following mild, traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs). This position would focus on a project related to microglia-mediated synaptic pruning dynamics in the adolescent brain and how repeated mTBIs (RmTBIs) alter microglia phenotypes and pruning dynamics to impact brain development and long term neurological health. Our laboratory utilizes a translational model of RmTBI called the lateral impact model which recapitulates the biomechanical forces experienced during sports-related mTBIs (i.e. concussions). This model is paired with an experimental toolbox encompassing neurobehavioural assessments, live animal in vivo multiphoton imaging, flow cytometric immunophenotyping and FACS-coupled RNA sequencing, whole brain tissue clearing and immunohistochemistry, and various biochemical and molecular biology techniques to interrogate specific signaling cascades in numerous cell types.

Dr. Lohman’s research group is part of the Departments of Cell Biology and Anatomy and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Dr. Lohman is a member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute which are encompass multidisciplinary and collaborative research environments spanning bench to bedside. The applicant for this position will ideally have a strong background in neuroscience and prior laboratory research experience. Experience working with rodents (primarily mice) is advantageous.

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