Graduate student position in Pericyte Biology- Stobart Lab- University of Manitoba

Neuronal energy demand during synaptic activity is met by increasing local blood flow, a process which is known as functional hyperemia or neurovascular coupling.  Though extensively studied in recent years, the cellular mechanisms controlling functional hyperemia remain unclear.  Majority of the field has focused on interactions between neurons, astrocytes and arterioles, but new evidence suggests that vascular pericytes may regulate cerebral blood flow at the capillary level.  We have developed in vivo imaging techniques to simultaneously monitor pericyte calcium and blood flow. The proposed project will employ novel mouse models and these imaging techniques to investigate the effects of pericyte signaling on brain capillary blood flow in vivo.  There will be opportunities to learn mouse handling, stereotaxic injection of AAVs, in vivo two-photon calcium microscopy, intrinsic optical blood flow imaging, histological techniques and computer image analysis.


We are looking for motivated candidates who hold a B.Sc. in biology or related discipline.  They must be interested in neurobiology, have good problem solving skills, and can work independently.

Please submit a letter with statement of research interests, CV including research experience, official transcripts and contact details for 2 references by email.


Dr. Jill Stobart
Assistant Professor
College of Pharmacy
University of Manitoba
Apotex Centre
750 McDermot Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba