Graduate positions (PhD/MSc) in Pain Neuroimmunology and Chronobiology | Ghasemlou lab at Queen’s University

The Pain Chronobiology & Neuroimmunology lab ( is seeking applications from outstanding candidates interested in pursuing PhD studies in neuroimmunology and pain physiology. We use animal models of postsurgical pain, chronic neuropathy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and Lyme disease, and also studies changes in people living with chronic pain. Current projects include:

  • Neuro-immune control of dendritic cell activation in post-operative pain
  • Peripheral and central neuroinflammation in chronic Lyme disease pain
  • Identifying biomarkers of chronic low back pain using RNA-Seq

Projects in our lab seek to dissect mechanisms underlying interactions between the nervous and immune systems, with a focus on pain. All PhD projects will span clinical (human) and preclinical (mouse) studies, and will use a wide spectrum of approaches, including animal behavior, micro-surgery, molecular biology (flow cytometry, RNA/protein work, immunofluorescence, cell culture), and genetically-modified mouse models. Self-motivated individuals with background (BSc, MSc) in a relevant field (neurosciences, immunology, circadian biology, epidemiology) are encouraged to apply.

Candidates must be creative, capable of working independently and in groups, and will be expected to analyze data and write manuscripts. Interested candidates should send a brief cover letter, CV, transcripts, and

names/contact details of at least one reference to Dr. Nader Ghasemlou at Preference is given to Canadian residents/citizens.

Please visit for an overview of the lab.

Contact information

Please send all relevant materials to Dr. Nader Ghasemlou at

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