Research Laboratory Technician – McMaster University

JD Title: Research Laboratory Technician
Job Family: Research Lab

General Job Description:
An experienced laboratory technician responsible for providing research support to a faculty member in their Neuroscience and Neurological Disorders Research Program. This support includes performing standardized and non-standardized laboratory experiments and conducting literature searches for use in publications such as journal articles or papers. Requires working in a developing capacity with increased responsibility for performing a range of laboratory assignments including molecular biology techniques, tissue processing, primary cell culture, animal work and some administrative duties under general direction. Knowledge in any of the techniques related to the Neuroscience or Stem Cell fields (electrophysiology, tissue processing, primary cultures, microscopy, flow cytometry, molecular, etc) are an asset for this position.

Representative Responsibilities & Duties
• Perform various in-vitro and in-vivo procedures that are moderately complex and specialized.
• Provide recommendations for procedure modifications and development of the research protocol methodologies.
• Adapt and modify established methods, assays, techniques, and equipment for various laboratory and test procedures.
• Liaise with other laboratories, external departments, and agencies to coordinate resources and schedules to meet research objectives.
• Develop presentations and present information at meetings, seminars, and conferences.
• Recognize and investigate apparent reasons for obvious deviations in results obtained.
• Write a variety of documents such as technical and procedural sections for research reports and standard operating procedures.
• Observe details and maintain accurate records of experiments and results.
• Log samples and related pertinent information.
• Gather and compile experimental results and assist in the preparation of data for reports and publications.
• Use software to conduct moderately complex statistical analyses.
• Exchange technical and scientific information with others.
• Provide updates at research group meetings.
• Responsible for keeping laboratory facilities, equipment, and area in clean, safe working order.
• Assemble and adjust tests and laboratory equipment for experiments and procedures.
• Operate, adjust, and maintain a variety of laboratory equipment and scientific instruments.
• Ensue adequate supplies are available for experiments.
• Schedule laboratory equipment for use.
• Demonstrate and train others on experimental techniques and the operation of laboratory equipment.
• Prepare chemical reagents and biomedical media according to formulae and assume responsibility for accuracy in the preparation and standardization of solutions.
• Pipette a variety of reagents and media.
• Monitor supplies and order inventories.
• Responsible for the proper storage of materials and the appropriate disposal of waste.
• Adhere to standardized procedures and protocols when dispensing chemicals and base media.
• Input, maintain, and verify information in a variety of databases and spreadsheets.
• Conduct literature searches and write literature review summaries.

• Requires 2 years of relevant, hands-on experience in an academic or industrial wet research lab.
• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study.
• Experience in Neuroscience or Stem Cell research laboratory setting is an asset
• Experience with primary cell culture, electrophysiology, in vivo animal work, tissue specimen preparation, flow cytometry, biochemical and/or molecular biology techniques, high-resolution microscopy, or using computer software for data analysis is an asset.

Contact information
Interested applicants should send a cover letter (statement of interest), CV, and the names of 2 references to

Description of the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute
The SCC-RI is the only human-dedicated stem cell institute in Canada and has three research themes: Cancer, Blood and Neural. The Neural Research Program focuses on studying neurological disorders with an emphasis on using Human neurons, high-throughput drug screening and next-generation sequencing. The SCC-RI is a shared laboratory environment with 8 Faculty members, over 70 trainees, postdocs and staff with a strong history of high-impact publications. For more information, please see our new website (