Research associate – McGill non-human primate optogenetics research facility

Position Title: Research Associate
Hiring Unit: Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Dr. Maurice Chacron
Work Location: McIntyre Building
Hours/Week & Schedule: 40 hours/week: Monday-Friday 9h00 – 18h00
Hourly Wage: $29.47
Planned Start Date & End Date: 1 March 2017 – 2 year contract, non-renewable
Date of Posting: 2016-12-19
Deadline to Apply: 30 days from posting date


The McGill non-human primate optogenetic research facility’s research mandate is to:
1) Study the function of neural circuits
2) Generate new animal models of brain diseases
3) Generate new therapies.

The facility has two components: 1) services and 2) research development. The viral core develops new viral vectors for use in non-human primates while the optogenetics core uses these to control neural activity and thus gain understanding as to how neural circuits perform critical computations in awake behaving animals towards the goal of generating new models of brain diseases and therapies. A team approach is at the center of both the services and research mandates of the McGill non-human primate optogenetic research facility.

The successful applicant will assume independently both hands-on and leadership roles in the initial set up and testing of the McGill non-human primate optogenetic research facility. This position is for two years only and is not renewable. He/she will be responsible for developing a comprehensive research program aimed at understanding the function of vestibular neural circuits in awake behaving non-human primates; development of new protocols and research methods will also be part of the RA’s duties, as well as analyzing data and discussing the findings with the laboratory team as part of the weekly meetings and journal clubs.

The successful applicant is expected to set up and perform rigorous testing of new infrastructure, as well as trouble-shooting and resolving any arising issues. He/she will be furthermore responsible for carrying out all analysis and presentation of obtained data in order to ensure that the infrastructure meets research standards. Finally, he/she will assist in the supervision and training of graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Importantly, the successful applicant will be expected to perform activities in a diligent, independent, but consultative manner.

• For Research Associate – minimum requirement: Ph.D. + 5 years research experience

PhD in Biological Sciences and at least 7 years post-doctoral research experience.


– Strong systems neurophysiology background working with non-human primates. The set of required skills include: single and multiunit extracellular recording techniques from neurons in awake behaving non-human primates, experimental surgery, behavioral assays, computer programming, and data analysis using systems identification methods, setting up and testing of motion platforms, and excellent organizational and communication skills.

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