Neuroscience neuropsychology post-doctoral research fellow in Montreal-area

Project: Multisensory interactive simulation for assessment and remediation of attention impairment

The NRC postdoctoral fellow (PDF) will perform research on the use/development of interactive technology for attention impairment in children and the elderly, as it relates to many cognitive and neurodevelopmental disorders. She/he will contribute to an emerging field of research that involves the use of gaming technologies for cognitive assessment and remediation. Our approach integrates multisensorial (tactile, auditory, 3D visual stimuli) and multimodal (augmented/virtual reality, electrophysiology and vital signs) components. She/he will contribute to all phases of research, in particular by providing neuroscience and/or neuropsychology expertise to guide game design, coordinating a clinically-relevant pilot study with clinical collaborators and collecting/interpreting data. The PDF will work in a multidisciplinary, diverse and dynamic team of 25 employees. She/he will have access to a multi-purpose infrastructure with capabilities in agile software development, biological tissue testing, component prototyping and a hub of the latest user-interactive and wearable devices. The position will provide the opportunity to collaborate with clinicians and neuropsychologists in the Montreal area specifically researching cognitive disorders.

Education: PhD in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, neuroscience or related fields. Research interests in one or more of the following: cognitive neuroscience, psychophysics (visual/multisensory), neuropsychology and/or electrophysiology. Motivation to conduct clinical studies, administer neuropsychological assessments and cognitive measurement tools. Motivation to work with children/adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders and/or elderly with cognitive disorders.

Salary: Commensurate with experience. As a guide, the current annual PhD recruiting rate is $64,437. In addition PDFs will be allocated a travel fund to support their work.

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada


Who is eligible?

  • Fellowships will be for two years contingent on satisfactory progress achieved during the first year.
  • Candidates should have obtained a PhD (or equivalent) within the past three years (PhD received on or after July 1, 2014) or expect to complete their PhD by September, 2017.
  • Fellows will work in a lab under the direct supervision of an NRC researcher.


Important dates: Applications are due by April 23, 2017 with awards announced by May 12, 2017. Successful fellows may commence their award anytime from July 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017.

Applying: Kindly apply in the Section on Post-doctoral fellows on the main NRC website, or on the NRC website link located below, indicating the corresponding project.

A confirmation email may also be sent to indicating you have applied.